Wish, plan, get ready – go!

For about 8 months Toby and I have been talking about our long travels that we wanted to start in December 2017. We were watching lots of inspiring YouTube videos, talking about where to go and what to do at different places, then sorting out all our insurance and medical details and finally planning what to pack and getting ready.
Toby started his adventure already two months prior to mine. At the beginning of October, he was heading to Maui, spending 8 weeks on this amazing island, doing his dive master and enjoying Maui’s nature. But for me, the Adventure just started on December 11.

A little nervous and not quite realizing that I would be abroad for 6 months, I left my hometown together with my sister and my dad. I had a long trip coming up, flying from Zurich to Frankfurt to Seattle and finally to Maui. In Switzerland and Germany, there was heavy snow and icy rain at the time and lots of flights out of Zurich and Frankfurt were canceled the day before. So that’s why I was not even sure whether I could fly or not. But by the time we arrived at the airport, everything seemed to be fine and my flight to Frankfurt departed as planned. After a short but bumpy flight, I arrived at Frankfurt airport where I was looking for my gate. Somehow I couldn’t find my flight though. I was then told that my flight was two hours late but would depart at gate B44. At that point, I already didn’t see my arrival in time in Maui happening anymore. A two hours delay meant, that I wouldn’t make my connecting flight from Seattle to Maui. Never the less, I went to the gate and waited there, having lunch and observing other passengers. I thought it was a little weird that no flight was displayed at the gate but didnˋt worry about it. After about half an hour some staff members arrived at the gate and some passengers went to the counter to get some information about what was going on. So that’s what I did as well. They told me, that the flight to Seattle was probably canceled. Half an hour later they announced that the flight was rescheduled to the next day. After about three hours waiting in different lines, everybody on this flight was asked to follow the staff members to buses which would take us to some hotel. There, all the 300 or so passengers stood in line again to check-in. We stayed overnight at the hotel and were picked up the next morning again. So thatˋs how my trip of 6 months traveling started.


Of course, this was not how I expected my day to turn out and I have to admit, at first I was a little annoyed that my flight would leave with a 24h delay. Especially because I was really longing to see Toby again. But in the end, this delay was a unique start to my adventure. I was surprised how positive people’s reaction was about our flight being canceled. Everybody was making fun of the situation and groups formed of people who stuck together and helped each other out when needed. So all over Iˋll keep this flight in good memory. I was lucky though that my connection flight in Seattle was rescheduled accordingly. It was only afterwards that I learned how the trip for two very nice people I met on this flight turned out. After hours waiting in line in the middle of the night in Seattle, they found out that their flight hasnˋt been rescheduled after all. So they had to stay another night until they finally could fly home the next day.

My starting journey came to an end after 48 hours of traveling, when I reached Maui at 11 pm local time. After I left the airplane and a short walk, I already reached the arrival hall where I spotted Toby waiting for me! With relive, I realized that I had finally arrived and Tobyˋs and my adventures were about to start!

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