New South Wales

We arrived in Sydney on April 6 and were really lucky to enjoy another hot week at the beginning of autumn. We spent three amazing days in Sydney staying with my former host dad before we got our campervan. We visited the main sights of Sydney in a day and spent more time with our host and his kids, which was absolutely amazing for us. Therefore, I am not telling you much about Sydney but start with our road trip directly.

First, there are quite a few routes to choose from to get to Melbourne and it was not easy for us to decide which one would be the best for us. As I have been there before and absolutely loved it, we knew that we wanted to visit the Blue Mountains. From there it could have made sense to take the overland route to Melbourne, but in the end, we decided to take the coastal drive.

Blue Mountains

Only about 1.5 hour drive from Sydney you reach the mountain range that looks kind of blue from afar – the Blue Mountains. On the highway, you make an almost unnotable accent and slowly you get to overlook a seemingly endless forest. The Blue Mountains are well known and seem to be a real tourist magnet. The short walk you take to the three sisters is all paved and very easy to do. Nevertheless, the views remain gorgeous! For us, the Blue Mountains are an absolute must-do when in Sydney. Especially, because they are so close by (for Australian relations).


Kangaroo Valley

After visiting the Blue Mountains we made our way back to Sydney again and started our trip down the coast. We continued on the highway which wasn’t that special and as it was getting late we camped on an unspectacular but free camping ground next to a footy field. The next day we started our drive through the Kangaroo Valley. Hearing that name already sounds promising to see some Kangaroos. And I can tell you already: we saw heaps of them. But that is not the only reason why it is totally worth to do that extra way through the valley. It is also an absolutely beautiful and scenic drive. You pass green hills and lush forests. You can stop at two waterfalls which are both nice to see, or even better, swim above one of those waterfalls in the river! A good refreshment if you have been camping on a free site and are lacking a shower. The next night we spent on a camping ground 10 minutes out of Kangaroo Valley village. There was a river to swim in, Kookaburras watching us and at dawn heaps of Wallabies and Wombats. In the distance, we even got to see some really big Kangaroos! But those sleepy Wombats were the main reason I guess, why we loved this spot so much. We even didn’t bother to be woken up by a Wombat scratching his back on our van every now and then. As much as we enjoyed the two days at Kangaroo Valley, we continued our drive the next day.


Beaches, National Parks, more Wallabies and a Lighthouse

It took us to surprisingly curvy roads, up hills and down again, mostly through forest and sometimes with a glimpse on the coast. We mostly used the highway which offered a nice drive already. Every now and then we went to some towns at the coast to see how it looks around us. Those towns were all pretty and then again not that special either. But it is still worth a look I guess. We are here to discover after all, and not to only see what everyone knows already from pictures. And that paid out. That night we had the most amazing stay of our eight weeks in Australia. There was a camping ground on a spot called “potato point”, quite a bit off the highway and rather expensive too (about 45$ a night). Buut we were camping right at an absolutely gorgeous beach surrounded by Wallabies and visited by Emus. We enjoyed a beautiful evening glow and were welcomed to the next day by a wonderful sunrise over the ocean. The only thing we regret is not staying longer there. Just stunning!

As we continued our drive we reached Green Cape National Park where we wanted to stay another night. Guess what, there was more forest to pass until we reached the camping ground at the waterfront. There was a beautiful cove with crystal clear water, a sandy beach, and cliffs on each side. Perfect for a refreshing swim! Just around the corner, you could climb on the cliffs. We enjoyed another sunrise overlooking the ocean and had a great start to the day. On our way out of the National park, we stopped at the Green Cape Lighthouse which was pretty impressive, though not in use anymore. And from the cliffs, we had again an amazing view. Too bad we were too early to spot any humpback whales there!

After this drive on the coast of New South Wales, we were sure that we made the right choice to pick this route. There was a lot to see along the way and we were never bored. I don’t know how the other drives look like, but I can hardly imagine that they are better than the route we did.

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