Sunrise on Mauna Kea

No doubt, Switzerland offers a lot. Still, there are so many other things to discover in the wide world. After our studies and between jobs, it seemed to be the perfect time to learn a little more about what is out there. The vast amount of diversity between different cultures, nature, languages, habits, perspectives, foods, and structures shows that there is so much more to learn about than we could in beautiful Switzerland.

For about 6 months we got the chance to explore and experience some new parts of our planet. With two big steps, we were discovering some of the many amazing stories that are out there. Come along on our journey by following the Two Big Steps blog page, where we shared what we discovered. On our blog page, we share experiences and highlights of our travels but also travel tips (including budget, routes, must-sees, and much more) about the different places we have been to. It is our aim to make it easy for future travelers to get the best out of their stay and to give everyone some inspirations on where to travel next. Also, we hope to get in touch with locals where ever we are and would love to share some insights into their different cultures and habits.

Travel itinerary

December 11 – December 17: Maui, HI, USA

December 18 – December 26 :Big Island, HI, USA

December 27 – January 3: Kauai, HI, USA

January 4 – January 7: O’ahu, HI, USA

January 9 – January 30: Taiwan

January 31 – January 7: Singapore

January 7 – January 11: Jakarta, Indonesia

January 12 – ? Rajah Ampat, Indonesia

Bana Islands, Moluku, Indonesia

NSW, Victoria, South Australia, Queensland, Northern Australia

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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